Project Statement

Growing up near the US-Mexico border, I learned that people use unforgiving binaries to simplify a complex world. Animals and plants do not abide the border, culture and capital cross almost freely, and people continue to traverse it. We are not one or other; we are many, and we exist along spectrums. Borderlands—a title that pays homage to writer and scholar Gloria Anzalduá—speaks to this blurring of binaries and boundaries, particularly in reference to the Southwest. A human-constructed line is lost to organic formations that develop in shapes that reference landscape. The division between light and dark melts away in a kaleidoscope of colors. The chance operation of pour painting reflects how little control we have over the land, and even our own circumstances. 

Project Description

Acrylic paintings with silicone oil on canvas. Each painting is 10 × 20 in. 2019. $250 each.

Please use the contact form to reach out to me if you’re interested in purchasing a painting.